October 17, 2021

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Volkswagen Beetle

First produced by Volkswagen in 1938, the much loved Beetle is the most manufactured, longest running design anywhere in the world. With over 21million cars in production, the Beetle is undoubtedly one of Volkswagen’s best models.

Although Volkswagen were manufacturing the Beetle prior to the Second World War and during, the number available to civilians was limited. The major production numbers did not appear until after the war, when the intention was to create the ‘people’s car’.

Post-war the Beetle was a sensation due to its superior performance over other vehicles in its category at the time such as the Citroen 2CV, the Morris Minor and the Austin Mini. It was built for speed to suit the Autobahn and was also designed specifically with the public in mind, this car was affordable and easy to drive. Over the years the design was gradually improved with adaptations made to the windows and the engineering but it always kept its unique, recognisable shape and characteristics.

Volkswagen Beetle

During the early 1950’s Volkswagen expanded beyond Germany. Its popularity grew mostly due to it having so much character; people loved its fun quirky design that was unlike any other car.

The 1960’s saw the Beetle hit a peak, being associated with hippy love and the surfing culture. The Beetle went on to be featured in many Hollywood movies, even playing the lead role in the series ‘The Love Bug’. The car was a cult classic with a massive fan base and loyal following.

When the number of volkswagen beetle for sale gradually began to outgrow demand, production was brought to an end in Germany in 1978, though Mexican production continued until its poignant end in 2003.

However, this did not mark the end of the Beetle as Volkswagen were designing a retro themed compact car, ‘Concept One’ based on the original Beetle. The public lapped up the new design and so it was further developed, with The New Beetle being launched in 1998. The newest Beetle due for release this year (2012)

Although the new designs have come a long way from the original, the Volkswagen Beetle is ever favourable amongst the public who had fond memories of the original. For a design that has been around since 1938, this retro iconic car is not only one of Volkswagens best models, but arguably one of the most love designs ever produced.

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