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The Most Popular Harley Davidson Models

Harley Davidson is something which has been a big force in the world of motorcycles for many years. Anyone who’s even remotely interested in bikes can tell you that Harley Davidson is a big brand. And with a company which survived two world wars and the Great Depression in America, it’s little wonder that they’re still so popular. To try and help you get a better idea for the history of the brand, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most popular Harley Davidson bikes since the conception of the company, over 100 years ago.

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1915 11F

One of the very first models that was popular is the 11F. This saw service just after the close of the First World War, and has a simple yet tough design. Obviously, the technology is now outdated. But it does serve as a reminder that even then, Harley Davidson could create a powerful and reliable model.

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This particular model is one which is often marketed as a Used Harley Davidson. According to Dale Gillespie – Digital Marketing Manager at, this is widely considered to be one of the most popular models because it’s so easy to buy one. It serves as an entry level bike for people who are new to the Harley world, and they’re used by both newcomers and progressing riders alike. With a solid design and a powerful engine, you know that this is the right kind of bike for a beginner.

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2006 VRSCSE2

This is one of the more expensive motorbikes made by Harley, but it’s also one of the most sophisticated. It’s got a smooth and comfortable ride, which is a sign of luxury when it comes to Harley. It’s also been made to look good, offering lots of different colour combinations in conjunction with the usual high quality design and powerful engine.

FLHR Road King

This one was designed to be a road king, and that’s something that it does really well. You’ve got a top level performance on the roads, incorporating a design which allows for maximum control and precision when driving. This works really well for people who want to use the vehicle for what it was designed for – touring the roads and feeling the wind on their face. The road king also has the same high levels of functionality and durability that all models have, which is a plus.

Overall, these are some of the top models produced by Harley Davidson. They’re such a reliable and capable brand that it’s easy to see why they’re so highly coveted. To live through two world wars and still be a highly recommended company, you have to be a particular kind of tenacious. The fact that they’ve lasted so long speaks volumes about Harley’s and their creators. It’s an experience and wisdom that comes from many years of experimentation and trials, and that inspires trust. We trust in the prowess of Harley Davidson, and that in turn gives us the powerful engines and durable construction that they’re known for.