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Fleet Insurance Explained

Fleet insurance is the combining of coverage of all the motor vehicles owned by a business and placing them under one insurance policy. This can includes cars, Lorries, minibuses, motorcycles, taxis, trucks and vans. This is also a popular way for families with more than 2 cars to get a better deal on their private …

Car Guide

Check out the Jeep Renegade


For those adventurous people out there who truly love driving, both on and off road, you have probably already driven a Jeep at some point. For those that haven’t yet, even though you may have missed out in the past, with the new 2015 Jeep Renegade, you again have the opportunity to check out what …

Car Guide

How to Squeeze the Last Bits of Fun Out of the End of Summer


Summer is the best season and everyone knows it. Yet, once a year, it ends, and we actually let it go away and come back another day. So when that is coming up, we all get a feeling of desperation as we realize that the summer is about to end and we have nothing to …


EP: Ferrari 328 GTS 1989 (EN) Test Drive on the highway in top gear! – V8 – 1080 HD

We took this Ferrari 328 out to give potential customers an impression of the performance of this magnificent car. The car handling was awesome and the sound of the V8 exchanting. Performance 0-60mph:6.0secs Top speed:163mph Power:270bhp Torque:224lb/ft MPG:18mpg ——————————————————————————– Engine Configuration:V8 Aspiration:normal Fuel:petrol Fuel delivery:electronic fuel injection ——————————————————————————– Chassis Suspension Front: Independent, wishbone, coil spring, …


Maybach 62 Test Drive (And Ride!)–AutoMedia Full Vehicle Review 2011

An in-depth review of the 2005 Maybach 62 with Chris Moran from AutoMedia. Maybach was one of the world’s most exquisite nameplates in the 1920s and ’30s. The original company was founded by Karl Maybach — the son of Wilhelm Maybach, who developed the first Mercedes. Some people were surprised when Maybachs returned in the …

Alfa Romeo

Compare it! Alfa Romeo Spider vs. BMW Z4 | drive it

These are two of the most extravagant 2-seater sports cars around. Elegant and exceptional in design. We’re talking about the Alfa Romeo Spider and the BMW Z4. Both have an ice-cold air about them. Speed should be the deciding factor, but which top opens quicker and which car has more storage space? Drive It! puts …