October 17, 2021

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Fleet Insurance Explained

Fleet insurance is the combining of coverage of all the motor vehicles owned by a business and placing them under one insurance policy. This can includes cars, Lorries, minibuses, motorcycles, taxis, trucks and vans. This is also a popular way for families with more than 2 cars to get a better deal on their private […]

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Unforgettable Road Trips in the UK – a new of enjoying your next travel!

Scenic Road Trips in the UK that are Worth Capturing by Camera! Some people like hiking. Some people like cycling. But, after chatting with online car dealership Carspring, it seems you can have just as much fun exploring your next trip in the complete, climate-controlled comfort of your car. Here we go through the most […]

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A Family Ford

Buying a car that the whole family will love can be a challenge. When you have to take multiple people’s wants and needs into consideration before making a big purchase, it can often mean that some people don’t get everything they want. But the experts at your local Ford dealer in Ontario can help you get […]

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Enjoying a Good Singing Session on Your Own

Everyone loves to sing. Even if you think you sound like a frog croaking, there are going to be times where you simply cannot resist singing along with the radio or your iPod. It seems like it is just human nature to get caught up in a tune and sing along. However, if you are […]

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What You Need to Know About the Honda Hill Start Assist

Honda has so much technology built into all of their vehicles that it really is most interesting to take a look at just what they have to offer. One of these that creates a lot of interest is the Honda Hill Start assist. Honda makes it a point to meet all of the needs and […]

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A Weekend Without Technology – Yes, It Is Possible!

You get home after a long day of work and are greeted by – well, nothing really. Your kids are either sitting on their computers, their gaming systems or cell phones or smartphones doing whatever is that they do on them all day long. Your spouse is busy using his or her own device either […]

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How to Squeeze the Last Bits of Fun Out of the End of Summer

Summer is the best season and everyone knows it. Yet, once a year, it ends, and we actually let it go away and come back another day. So when that is coming up, we all get a feeling of desperation as we realize that the summer is about to end and we have nothing to […]

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Prices Revealed for Murano and Juke at LA Auto Show

The LA Auto Show has been obsessively covered lately. All the roads lead to it and all cars that are on the first pages pass first by the LA Show. So Nissan was no exception to the rule, particularly since it came with 2 interesting concepts: Murano and Juke. But this is not the biggest surprise. […]

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Audi R8 Competition Surprises the Auto Market

What do you do when you have an Audi R8 and a lot of creativity and desire to change the world? You start building a hotter Audi in a limited-edition. I knooow! This Audi R8 Competition will be built in only 60 units especially for the American market. The orders will open next month and […]


Performance Dream Cars

While some think of Europe and imagine Rome, the Eifel Tower, and English castles, for some the European dream is a long winding open road in a great European performance car. Whether this is the ultra-exclusive Italian lines of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati or the luxury and performance (as well as more attainable) BMW, Audi, […]

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Motor Trader Insurance

Protecting Yourself and Your Business with Motor Trader Insurance

Anyone working in the motor trade industry needs to ensure that they have a sufficient level of insurance cover. Otherwise it could prove costly to your business. The motor trade includes buyers and sellers of vehicles, mechanics, MOT/service centres, bodywork repairers, transporters, breakdown and recovery services and any other business type that is involved with […]

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Gas Struts: A Simple Fix

There are some parts of your car that take minutes to fix yourself, and there are others that should be left well alone by anyone that isn’t an expert. Fortunately, the gas struts that hold open your bonnet or boot open are the former. Don’t waste your money getting them replaced at a garage, simply […]

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4GB Thumb Stick

4GB Thumb Stick Clasp Leather USB Flash Drive Brown

I use a lot of memory devices and I tend to keep a lot of them handy at all times. I came across a 4GB thumb stick clasp leather USB flash drive in brown that was fairly useful. This flash drive has quite a few advantages over some of the others available in the market. […]

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2013 – Car Of The Year in Europe

In competition was 32 models and 58 journalists from 22 countries has decided, in raport with: price, safety, level of quality, design and level of poluation, that Volkswagen Golf 7 to be” The Car Of The Year”. This title, in 2013 was the 3 rd for VW durring 49 years of competition. First time was […]

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