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A Guide to the Luxury Cars That Sell Best


The luxury cars market isn’t the easiest ones when you are trying to buy or sell a vehicle. First of all, it’s much smaller compared to the other sectors or the car market. Then, the buyers are asking for a lot: ultimate technology, information and entertainment systems, impressive power and so on. The demands are …


BMW M4 DTM ready to start German Touring Car Championship

BMW M4 DTM ready to start German Touring Car Championship

BMW M4 DTM is ready to start German Touring Car Championship, with its powerful engine and aerodynamic look. Submission of documents required for the approval aerodynamic models DTM 2014 Deutsche Motor Sport Bund (DMSB) marks the end of a busy and interesting period for both BMW Motorsport. Development Activity DTM BMW M4 model that will …

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Mercedes ML 63 AMG beautiful and powerful

The new Mercedes ML 63 AMG has something important to prove, especially to its Germans neighbors. Although he kept the name Mercedes ML 63 AMG, the “63” indicates no displacement, as before, because Mercedes-displacement engines gradually withdraw American and replaces them with some smaller, supercharged, but stronger. Under the hood the new Mercedes ML 63 …