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Seriously, It’s Okay To Own A SUV!


For some reason, SUV owners are not held in the highest regard. It is like someone sent out a memo telling everyone to hate SUV drivers. Okay, the engine size might not be good for the environment and they SUVs might bully you from time to time. Still, does that mean that an SUV isn’t a good option when it comes to your next vehicle? The answer is no because an SUV is a great option. And, here are a few reasons why.

They’re Adapted To City Life

Yes, they might be big and bulky, but that doesn’t mean they are not elegant and nimble. SUVs are surprisingly well adapted to city life because they handle well and don’t chug along in low gears. In fact, they are just as smooth as some smaller sedans or hatchbacks. Manufacturers don’t make cars that are only suited for one purpose anymore because it would decrease their sales. Even supercars can adjust to the cut and thrust of city driving, so SUVs definitely can.

They Can Go Off-Road

Still, you might need to go off the beaten track from time to time, and SUVs are also well suited for this type of journey. Most of them, but not all of them, have four-wheel drive capacity. That means that power is equally distributed to all four wheels to give the car enough power to negate harsh terrain. Plus, the tyres 4×4 vehicles have are also a lot sturdier and conducive to driving off extreme roads. If you need to drive off-road for any reason, you can with an SUV.

They Are Big

Size is a good thing with cars because it means there is more space. Are you a parent or do you have a young family? If you do, you will know that you need as much space as possible. Small or medium sized hatchbacks or sedans just don’t have the room you need to fit everyone and everything in comfortably. 4X4s, on the other hand, have that much room that you will have some left over. Plus, bigger cars are heavier, and studies show that heavier cars are safer than lighter ones. Let’s face it – no one is going to want to mess with you in a 4X4!



They Don’t All Ruin The Environment

That is the thing about generalisations – they cover up the truth. The truth is that some SUVs are bad for the environment because of their huge engines. But, that is the same for smaller cars too. Not all SUVs have massive engines, and not all of them drink fuel like you would drink water. In fact, some of them are cheap to run because they are easy on the gas. To put this into perspective, a Range Rover eD4 has a 56.3 mpg rating. A Ford Focus Estate has a rating of 55.4mpg.

You’re Entitled To Buy Any Car You Want

At the end of the day, SUVs are not illegal. As such, you can buy one without having to feel guilty. It is a free world, and it is up to you what car you buy.

After all, it is your money!