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Audi Prologue: The Future is Close


Generally at auto shows there are presented many concepts that are spectacular and incredibly beautiful. But few of them are actually functional. Except for this one: Audi Prologue is the living proof that you can have magic on the streets. Really modern magic! The beauty behind this concept is represented through 3 concepts: simplicity, modernity …

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Fuel Cell Cars at the LA Auto Show


People seem to start to understand that we need to keep our environment healthy in order to have a healthy life. At the Los Angeles Auto Show last week there has been a slight change of scenary from the regular high-powered beasts. If until now the entire auto market was dominated by electric vehicles or …

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Prices Revealed for Murano and Juke at LA Auto Show


The LA Auto Show has been obsessively covered lately. All the roads lead to it and all cars that are on the first pages pass first by the LA Show. So Nissan was no exception to the rule, particularly since it came with 2 interesting concepts: Murano and Juke. But this is not the biggest surprise. …

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Great News: Top Gear Franchise Goes to France


The constant rivalry between the UK and France doesn’t seem to stop. Two countries with such a long history and lots of differences have managed to have something in common. Sounds weird doesn’t it? And not just anything: we are talking here about a French Top Gear! It comes off a bit rough but you …

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Ford EcoSport Trio Amazes the World


The world of auto shows and automobiles is constantly progressing in order to make users happy and to keep them satisfied. This is one of the reasons why at the Sao Paulo Motor Show fans had the opportunity to see revealed lots of crossovers. However the most amazing ones were by far the EcoSport Trio presented …

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Beware: The Calendar of the WEC is Out


In the world of car races and automotive passion, the World Endurance Championship is a big thing. Almost as big as a bride’s wedding day (this is for you gentlemen; this way your partner can understand how much this championship means to you). So the recent unveiling of next year’s calendar made fans all around …

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Mercedes Reinvents the SLC!

We are happy to present you the newest model of the upcoming Mercedes Benz SLC AMG. This is a smaller, lighter and most important, cheaper version of the SLS AMG GT.This was designed by Gorden Wagener and rumors say that it is a fierce competitor of the Porsche 911 and the future Jaguar F-Type. This …


Ferrari Enzo in Toyota’s Clothes!

I have recently discovered eBay, so don’t judge me too hard, ok? But it is a good think that I am always present there or else I would have not discovered this gorgeous replica of a Ferrari Enzo. Based on a 1992 Toyota MR2 NA, this car has suffered a lot of changes in order …

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Eibach Striked Hard on Audi S5 Coupe!

It is Audi’s turn to get some tuning, right? And which company would know better where success comes from than the specialists at Eibach? The lucky one is Audi S5 Coupe which started its improvements with the “suspensions” area. Leaving, untouched the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine, Eibach hooked up Audi with the Eibach B12 Pro-Kit, the Anti-Roll-Kit …


Ferrari Is There For Italy! Where Are You?

When something bad happens, solidarity is the best thing that we can do and nothing is more wonderful than seeing a powerful brand encouraging its country. You probably know about the earthquakes that have tormented Italy recently, so Ferrari’s gesture to hold an auction to raise money for the reconstruction of the area is absolutely …

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Interesting Combination For Mercedes Benz G-Class

So, I see we are back to gold, right? Same color, same brand, different tuning company: German Custom Specials (GSC) brings its contribution to the Mercedes Benz G-Class. Although everything screams off road, the German tuners plan to make this car an amazing model of luxury. But for now, what we can say about this …