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5 Ferrari Challenge Stradales going mad on highway!! – 1080p HD

5 Ferrari Challenge Stradale (2 black, 2 red and 1 yellow) playing around on a Dutch highway! The sound these Ferrari’s make is just incredibly good! First you see the Ferrari’s all parked next to each other. After that we take the highway and that’s where the fun part starts! The mighty V8 sound is …


EP: Ferrari 328 GTS 1989 (EN) Test Drive on the highway in top gear! – V8 – 1080 HD

We took this Ferrari 328 out to give potential customers an impression of the performance of this magnificent car. The car handling was awesome and the sound of the V8 exchanting. Performance 0-60mph:6.0secs Top speed:163mph Power:270bhp Torque:224lb/ft MPG:18mpg ——————————————————————————– Engine Configuration:V8 Aspiration:normal Fuel:petrol Fuel delivery:electronic fuel injection ——————————————————————————– Chassis Suspension Front: Independent, wishbone, coil spring, …