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The Iconic Mini: One of the World’s Most Iconic Automotive Brands


When the 2013 instalment of the Mini Cooper was released on the market, it earned rave reviews and quickly became one of the best-selling small cars on the market. This represented yet another successful chapter in the rich and illustrious history of the Mini, which began more than four decades ago during the 1960’s. For …


Audi Prologue: The Future is Close


Generally at auto shows there are presented many concepts that are spectacular and incredibly beautiful. But few of them are actually functional. Except for this one: Audi Prologue is the living proof that you can have magic on the streets. Really modern magic! The beauty behind this concept is represented through 3 concepts: simplicity, modernity …


BMW M4 DTM ready to start German Touring Car Championship

BMW M4 DTM ready to start German Touring Car Championship

BMW M4 DTM is ready to start German Touring Car Championship, with its powerful engine and aerodynamic look. Submission of documents required for the approval aerodynamic models DTM 2014 Deutsche Motor Sport Bund (DMSB) marks the end of a busy and interesting period for both BMW Motorsport. Development Activity DTM BMW M4 model that will …

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2013 – Car Of The Year in Europe

In competition was 32 models and 58 journalists from 22 countries has decided, in raport with: price, safety, level of quality, design and level of poluation, that Volkswagen Golf 7 to be” The Car Of The Year”. This title, in 2013 was the 3 rd for VW durring 49 years of competition. First time was …

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Impressive Audi Nanuk Quattro Concept

Audi Nanuk Quattro Concept was build after Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8, making it a very beautiful car. The new Audi Concept weights 1.9 kg and has a medium consumtion of 7.8l/100 km. On Audi Nanuk Quattro Concept we can see the same grille from Audi quattro concept presented at 2013 IAA, making it a …